All Things New

Leslie Strovas is a certified BioNutritionist and Cellular Detoxification Specialist and a Candidate for her Ph.D in Natural Medicine at the University of Natural Medicine. She loves teaching her dedicated, proactive and determined clients struggling with Weight Loss, Chronic Fatigue and Pain and Degenerative Disease how to take charge of their health, lose weight for good, have endless energy and vitality and look and feel better than ever!
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Why Us?

All Things New Health & Wellness embraces a Functional Healing Approach that encompasses both cutting edge science and health technology as well as ancient, natural healing methods.  We seek always to find and treat the root causes of disease and dysfunction, working with and supporting the body's amazing innate intelligence that always moves towards healing and renewal.  To restore that internal healing potential we must remove the main causes of physical, chemical and emotional interference from our bodies and practice healing and health in our lifestyles.  Our choices around nutrition, hydration, movement, rest, detoxification, stress management and personal growth are the pathways to true cellular and whole-person healing where we can be made new and transformed into the whole, healthy beings were were meant to be! Read More